[MO Gaming] MO-RPG Features

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[MO Gaming] MO-RPG Features

Post by Zepto on Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:36 pm

Dynamic House System

You can buy and sell your own house, you can stack thing like money, material, firearms and etc. you can teleport in your own house if you are a VIP when you are in conscious (after hospital).

Dynamic Business System

You can own a business, be a business man (multi business owner). You can own 24/7, token shop, bank and etc. You can be the richest person living in the city(server).[this system is donated visit website for more details]

Dynamic Door System

System that you can enter & exit's building with an interior. This system can be also restrict only with Gang/Faction or VIP. you can name your own door at your desired door name. [This is system can be also donated]

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